Introducing The Wigmanteau:
Your Hair Piece's New BFF!

The Wigmanteau was designed to offer a better and more convenient way to store your wigs, travel with your wigs, maintain the integrity of your investment, minimize tangling, and stop your bae from thinking a possum broke in the house. You deserve securing all the bags and your wig deserves to be secured, too!

Secure The Bag. Secure The Wig.

It’s not a wig bag. It’s not a wig hanger. It’s a Wigmanteau.

Can be used with any wig or hair extension (bundles, clip-ins, tape-ins etc)


Perfect for Storage

No more creating space for and naming your mannequins, dumping your wigs in boxes, and not even being able to find or quickly identify them. The Wigmanteau is the ultimate space saver that takes all the guess work out of finding and identifying your wig.

Travel Friendly

The Wigmanteau fits in any size weekender bag, carryon, or full size luggage so you don't have to pick and choose which wigs to bring for your travels or worry about them losing their integrity in the travel process.

High Quality Investment Protector

Each Wigmanteau is made of super soft satin and comes zippered with a wooden hanger equipped with a double sided anti-slip strip. 

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