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Wig Care 101: How To Take Care Of Your Wigs (ACTS)

You spent your hard earned money on your wigs and hair extensions so let’s talk how to take care of it. 

1) Attaching (& Detaching): Whether you use wig tape, wig glue, or wig grips to secure your wig, careful attachment and removal of your wigs and hair extensions is extremely important to making your investment last. If you use any adhesives for your wigs, make sure you are careful and very patient when removing your wigs so you don't rip the lace. Torn lace is a wig killer!



Tape and glue give a skin like appearance but if you know you aren't the most patient or can't go to a stylist for professional removal, you can avoid lace rips by using our EdgeSECURED adjustable velvet wig grip. If you have your hair sewn in with bundles, patience is the key. Impatient cutting of the thread that holds the bundles is the easiest way to accidentally cut the weft and cause unending shedding.


2) Clean & Condition : First things first, your human hair pieces need to be washed and conditioned regularly (every 7 to 10 wears). Depending on the quality of a synthetic wig as well as how styled it is, you can shampoo it with cold water. For human hair extensions and wigs, I personally swear by Bambu Silicon Mix for deep condition. I have yet to use a product that brings life to my hair extensions in just a few minutes like this product.

2) Tools: Any hair should be brushed & styled with ultimate care. Synthetic hair has different qualities and not all synthetic hair can withstand the heat of a traditional flat or curling iron. Human hair can tolerate heat and more manipulation than synthetic hair. HOWEVER, you can reduce the shelf life of human hair extensions by using too much heat or by not properly detangling the hair causing limp strands and shedding. I love the Annie metal brush because it reduces frizz and is small enough to carry everywhere. I also love the handheld egg brush for my synthetic wigs because of the staggered arrangement of the spokes.



3) Storage: Wigs spend more time off your head than on your head to how you take care of wigs when not wearing it makes the difference between how long it will last and how quickly it will end up in the trash.

Buy a Wigmanteau.


I hope you enjoyed the ACTS of Wig Care (and hair extension care) and I look forward to bringing you more tips and tricks!